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(Update Jan 5th, 2011)

Dear reader,

I feel this address is kinda like a new chapter or a new book as a blogger, since I stopped blogging about two years ago and I want this blog to be different.  E. g.  Less Chavez, less politics, more whatever.  As I always wanted my initial blog to be, the blog about nothing.  It just took a different route by itself.  No, I don’t have anything to do about it. 😀

I also have different interests than 2 years ago.  I am starting grad school in arts so I am afraid I will be blogging a lot more about it as well.  Definitely much interesting topic than Chavez this Chavez that.  And definitely much less interested about American politics.  I have to say I do like politics, it’s just a love-hate thing.  I have become a little hopeless with the conservatives in America, same with the Venezuelan opposition.  Anyway, let’s see what the future brings.


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  1. Cuyuni permalink
    December 30, 2011 7:02 pm

    Hi Feathers,
    Just stop by to say hello not sure if you are still around.


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